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What is it?

Small Business, Big Picture (SBBP) began as a series of ten classes for the current or aspiring small business owner, regardless of the age of their business. In Summer 2023, we made the decision to shift to a subscription/membership model in order to make information more financially accessible.

Learn from fashion industry professional Amanda Lee McCarty and successful vintage business owner Courtney Rolnick (Sonic Wave Vintage) as they share best practices around pricing, day-to-day operations, marketing and so much more. The goal of SBBP? Fostering small business with a goal of redistributing wealth from a small number of huge corporations to a thriving network of hundreds of thousands small businesses.

Monthly membership includes one class session from the SBBP curriculum (including homework and a workbook), one session on a related topic, and a third virtual member hangout/best practices sharing session.  All sessions take place via Zoom and are recorded for members to watch again on their own time.

Get Answers To Your Biggest Business​ Quandaries

What’s the difference between “brand” and “branding?”

Learning how to define your brand will help you bring in new customers and develop long term relationships with them.

What in the @#$% is an “elevator pitch?”

This term from the Mad Men era of business will help you narrow your focus and really understand what makes your business special.

How do I give my customer what they want?

From finding your customer to creating a product offering that they love, we will show you how to develop a loyal customer base.

What does my product offering have to do with a pyramid?

Oh just you wait…this kind of strategic assortment planning will help you dial in your offering and make you more efficient with your time and budget.

How can I have more productive partnerships with other businesses?

It all starts with one simple question (that you might feel uncomfortable asking): “What’s in it for me?”

Why is it important to research my competition?

From pricing to customer service policies, it’s important that you always understand what others are doing. It allows you to better serve your customer by innovating and improving.

How do I do it all?

We will help you figure out how to manage your time more efficiently and find a work life balance.

Should I be offering branded swag like tote bags and stickers?

Spoiler alert: NO! Save your money and build your brand presence with low cost/low waste marketing tips from us.

OMG tracking my finances is killing me!

Don’t worry, we’ve got tools and best practices for that.

I just can’t figure out pricing. HELP!

Yes, we can help you sort that out. Most small businesses are undercharging. Let us help you charge the RIGHT price for the things you sell.

I am unable to pay myself a living wage.

Nope. Non-negotiable. We will help you work out a financial plan and pricing structure that ensures you are always getting paid.

Um, what is the deal with Reels?

We have that covered with an in-depth session on creating Reels that attract followers and customers.

Does Instagram hate me?

Probably not. But are you using it to its full advantage? We’ll show you how to make social media work for you!

Monthly Membership

$25/month, includes one session from the Small Biz Big Pic curriculum. This class will be about 2-3 hours long, includes a workbook, homework, and Q+A.  For all of you who have already graduated from Small Biz Big Pic, there will be an alternate session where we will tackle next level topics like business analysis, sales planning, and so much more!

All sessions are recorded and shared for you to watch later (or for the first time if the timing didn’t work for you).

Cancel any time.

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